Monday, April 25, 2011

Magic Mummy Days!!!

What a fab mummy day i have had!!
Josiah and i went on a mummy and me date this morning!! We went to the movies to see HOP and then got mc donalds for lunch! It was so neat not only to see his excitment when i told him what was happening, but to see the huge amount of enjoyment he got out of some us time! I am planning on doing it a LOT more often! Next on the list of activities: 10 pin bowling!! He cant wait and truthfuly, neither can i!

After the fun, we came home and enjoyed some family time playing bowling on the wii, baking and hanging out!!

My wonderful man made me the very best washing drying device in the WORLD! It is a washing line on a pully and hangs above our fire!! Its amazing!! It is being tested by the raging fire tonight - Cant wait to see how it goes!!

Please someone tell me i am not the only one who is so completly consumed by her kiddies that she needs to be near them ALL the time?? I adore my boys soooooo much!! I cant WAIT to see them in the morning and a LOT lately if there is something on telly about kiddies that is sad, i pull them into bed with me all night! Weird? Maybe. In love with my babies? YES!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Back in the game!

It has been forever and a day since i got on here and spilled my guts to the wonderful online world!
I dont even know where to begin to catch up from the past few months!

Mr6 is getting so very grown up, hes doing incredibly well at school and becoming such a wonderful young man! Hes so soft and gentle with his brother, so creative and imaginative and becoming increasingly helpful!

The younger Mr is now mr 1!! Hes soooo big!! He is sarting to take his first few wobbly attempts at walking, has 16 teeth and can even say a few words!

We have been very boring the last few months, just lots of school, family time and just being us.

There is one big change in our family!! I am PREGNANT!!!!! 6 weeks and 5 days today!! It was a very easy conception - 1st cycle off the pill!! Estimated due date is 13 december!! I have just seen the midwife and am booked for a scan at 8 weeks!! We are thrilled!!

The past few weeks have been incredibly tough. Both the kids came down with what we thought were colds, turns out it was much much more than that! Mr6 ended up with a