Thursday, January 6, 2011

Its been WAY too long................

Good morning boys and girls!!

It has been a good few weeks since i last posted on here!! I will blame it on the fact i have been busy with family and the kiddies over the holiday! (In actual fact its because i am lazy!!)

I hope you all had an amazing christmas! We sure did! Both J and N were super spoilt and it was a great time catching up with all of the family!! Christmas day was a beautifuly quiet day with Mr mums parents, opening presents, eating, sleeping and playing!

Boxing day was crazy fun with ALL of my family! And if you know my family, you know that is not a small affair!! =P

Once the dust settled and J was back from nanas house we have had a gorgeously quiet holidays, a lot of staying at home, playing and swimming! Even new years was a quiet night with the kids and 2 of my brothers comming to visit! Absolute bliss!!

On  monday we went to the bach for my mums birthday and to take the new boat out, YAY WE GOT ONE, only the boat decided not to start!! Mr mum was devestated, but it meant that the kids and i got a nice long swim in the estuary, which was as warm as bath water!

J got an award at school for accademic effort, so we are SUPER proud of him for that and even took him up the sky tower!! What a blast that was!!

N, who is now 9 months!!, had been a shocking sleeper the last few week, going to bed fine but waking an hour later and wanting to play until midnight! So, after trying everything, and i mean everything, else, we decided that he was having too much daytime sleep! So yesterday we gave him an earlier afternoon nap and made him stay up until bedtime. What do you know??, sucsess!! He slept 7pm to 7am!! YAY!!! Mr mum and i even got to watch a movie in peace!! So today we will be holding him out so that he only has one big nap for the day! It might be hard work, but i have a feeling it will be worth it!!

The countdown to our summer holiday, camping at the beach, is on!! Only 9 more sleeps!! We are very much looking forward to sun, sand, salt, tenting, cooking on the gas cooker, swimming in the ocean ect!!

Well, the kids are about to kill each other so i had better love and leave you!