Thursday, December 9, 2010

Busy bits and peices!!

Well, i have been a bit slack on posting this week, i cant believe its thursday night already!!

Just a wee update on the week!!

Sunday we went to my little sisters 3'rd birthday party and got to catch up with all the extended family! Was sooooo special to meet my cousins new wee baby girl!! We left N with his nana and went off for a relax on the beach! Mr mum went body boarding and J had a TON of fun beating up his uncles!! After a long drive home with a brand new fish, the kids crashed. J with a high temperature and seeming very unwell! Just a touch of sunstroke we think.

Monday was spent cruising around home and going on a wee drive with daddy to do a few things in town, much needed after a busy weekend!

Tuesday was spent at home too, only we went a wee bit early to pick up J from school to help his teacher do some end of year jobs! She has done sooooooo much for J this year, i wanted to give something back. J jas gone from being on the reading recovery list to being top of the class in just 6 months!! Most of which we accredit to him having an amazing teacher!! I am even going to find her a xmas pressie!!

J has his end of year prize giving next tuesday night, and his teacher has asked that we be there, so i am suspicious the J may be getting some for of award! How amazing!!!

Wednesday was FANTASTIC!! We had the coffee group christmas party with N and all his wee friends!! He dressed up as santa and had sooooo much fun!!! Here are some snaps!!

Afterwards we had a lovely lunch with 2 amazing friends!!

Today!!! Well, where do a start!!?? Mr mum took the day off and we went CRAZY cleaning!! The whole place got a total spring clean!! Sheets, windows, cleaning out cupboards, sorting linen cupboards, cleaning out the panty..... the list goes on and on!!
After school we had a lovely playdate with some friends from J's school. The kids were in bed by 6 for the 3rd time this week!! And i got to finish up the cleaning! LOL!

This weekend we are taking care of a friends little girl from tomorrow at lunch time until sunday sometime! J is sooooo excited to have his best friend to play for the weekend! We have a busy weekend planned, including a movie night, mini golf, paddleing in the pool at the park and the santa parade!! I dont know who will be more exhausted, them or me!!

Well i better go have a shower and get some sleep!! Baking, shopping and a fun playdate with another amazing friend are in store for tomorrow!! Oh and J is peforming at school assembly doing a kapahaka!!


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Gearing up for the big guy!!

Ok, before i begin, lets make sure we all understand that the big guy is Santa!! =P

This week has been a week full of Christmas preparations! The tree went up, the lights came out and all the children's presents were purchased! And even more exciting, the kids began their advent calendars!! For DS6 (who from now on shall be known as J) it was something he had been looking forward to for weeks, striking days off the calendar and begging me daily to open it for him! For DS8months (who shall now be known as N) it was a strange intriguing ritual that he didn't quite understand, that is until the 1st piece of chocolate began melting in his mouth! The huge grin and dark brown dribble that followed said all he needed to say! Now when he sees his "wot wots" come out, he claps his hands on his legs and bounces up and down!! What an amazing discovery!!

N has decided this week that he FINALLY likes vegetables, just as long as mummy flavors them with salt and pepper!! I am rather excited to say the least!! He is beginning to eat a lot more food and his milk intake is slowly dwindling, probably a bit early but much needed anyways.

What a lovely sunny Saturday today was! We had friends pop over and a birthday party to attend!! Fantastic fun! When i woke this morning to another glorious day and realized that i didn't have to rush of to do the school run, hope and a million possibilities ran through my head! Its funny, i have always felt guilty to be excited over the weekends as i am not working out of the home. However recently i came to realize that they joy of weekends is not only for the working people who get a few days break, but for families to rejoice in each others company, complete tasks around the home and enjoy some quality time with the children!

We are taking a day off the farm tomorrow (a much needed and hard to come across occurrence) to take the boys to their aunties 3rd birthday party! An hour and a half after bedtime J is finally asleep after all the excitement!! And mum and dad are looking forward to going for a wander along the beach and taking a dip in the ocean!

Well, better get some sleep, long day tomorrow!
Pray for rain for us! We sure need it!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bit and peices of my mind!!

What a fabulous day i have had today! I was dreading having to spend the day with the ratbags at home without a car. But one of my bestest besties picked all 3 of us up and off we went shopping!! It was perfect!! I even got my very first Christmas decoration for the year! Two GORGEOUS snow globes for the kiddies and some fairy lights for a door frame!

I cant believe its the first of December already!! Where in the heck has this year gone!?? It only seems like yesterday that DS8months was born and our roller coaster of reflux began! Now today, hes completely medication free and thriving beautifully!

Solids are ever a struggle with this young man!! He will not eat vegetables and never ever has 3 proper meals! He would live just off milk if he could! Little rat bag!

Isn't it funny how 1 moment you are ready to throttle them, when they are grizzling and crying and driving you crazy, then it only takes 1 smile, one "mumma", one snuggled up sleepy cuddle and all is right with the world again.

1st day of summer today!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love summer!! Beaches and swimming pools and jandles and sun kissed skin and picnics and strawberries and watermelons and pineapples and ices coffees and sunscreen smell and pretty dresses!! What are your favorite summer "words"!!??

Noahs paddling pool got used for the 1st time today!! What an exciting moment!!! He sat in there with a bunch of matchbox cars for over and hour!! I had to take him out kicking and screaming because he had goosebumps!!!!

We are looking at buying a boat!! How exciting!! We have found an amazing one for only $2000!! We just have to wait until Saturday morning to see it!!

Poor Mr Mum is really stressed at the moment. The farm has stopped growing grass. Its soooooo dry and hot that theres just not enough moisture to make it grow.

I have decided that Mr Mum and i need to spend more 1 on 1 time together. We do not have a babysitter we can ask so its going to have to be at home. Anyone have some amazing "at home" date ideas??

DS6 is back off to school tomorrow and i know its awful, but i cant wait! He is soooo full on when he isnt at school because he just isnt drained enough by his day!! And even better, i get to go christmas shopping for HIM!!!

We also rearranged the lounge today!! It looks fabulous!! Theres sooo much more room and its a lot more open for the summer! It got me thinking that i needed to get a "things im working on" list going and what better place to put it, than on here!! So here goes!!!

  1. Hang the new curtians
  2. Decorate the kids rooms
  3. Organize the pantry
  4. Re-oil the table
  5. SORT the OFFICE!! its a WRECK!!!
  6. Put the finishing touches on the playroom
Well, i think that has cleared my head out a wee bit!! Now I'm off to write a list of all the christmas presents i need to buy!!

24 days to go!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I have just realized that i missed the whole point i was trying to make it the previous post! lol! At the doctors this morning we were "welcomed" by one of the nurses and we could tell right away that i was going to be a rough ride. As soon as we were taken into the back room the interrogation began, why is he getting them at this age, don't you know they are at a set age for a reason, young mums today, etc etc! I was furious!! I decided that i could and would not sit by and be spoken to like that. I stood and very calmly stated my points and beliefs about vaccines and continued on at make a very polite statement about be being the ultimate decision maker for my children. After this the nurse was very subdue and carried on to dose out the vaccines that i had previously approved. My point of this ramble is how very hard it is in today's society to stand up to people such and teachers, doctors etc and say "this is my child and this is how i want things done". My heart goes out to the teen mums and mums who are not so sure of themselves. You are too easily walked all over and pushed into things you might not necessarily agree with.

Anyway, my final point of the evening, stand strong in your beliefs and you decisions on how to raise your children!! They are created by God and entrusted to the PARENTS to care for. Remember this next time a pushy Doctor or teacher is making you question the way you feel about something. xxx

The great imunization debate.

DS 8months had his second set of immunisation's today and it sparked my thinking around the subject.
DS 6 was not immunized as a baby. I looked very deeply into the risks, benefits and ingredients of all the scheduled jabs and made an informed decision not to do them. Then in stepped Mr Mum! He is a firm believer in vaccines and as the good submissive wifey that i am, i cut him a deal, he could vaccinate DS6 as long as i never had anything to do with it. And so he did. DS6 is now fully immunised. What shocked me was how dramatic the difference in his health was once he was done. All of a sudden he started picking up stomach bugs, coughs and colds, flu's, chest infections and ear infections. Do i regret it? No, not necessarily, but i am still not completely sold on the whole process.
So DS8months is not on shedule, but he has had his 6 week ones (at 6 months) and his 3 month ones (today). The actual administration of them was a breeze, a few tears and then over it. As for reactions... the first lot he was sooooooooooo grumpie!! This time, he has slept and slept and is so sad!! Its heartbreaking!! So needless to say, he will be in our bed tonight!!

Had a fabulous day today! I woke up EARLY!! So before the kids started making noise i had done the washing, dishes, vacuuming, dinner prep, my bed made and gotten my hair straightened!! Go mummy!!! Was amazing to have a catch up with a very wonderful friend of mine after school!

Tomorrow is d day for DS6. His class is off to raglan beach for the day and due to his behaviour yesterday, he cant go! Mr mum is off on a training day and so we will be home without a car! Seems like a perfect opportunity to start getting christmasy to me!!

Photo of the day..... DS6 on a sunny winter day, enjoying a refreshing sip of cows water!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Apreciating the good life.

I am sitting on out back lawn, sipping a glass of wine and watching the sunset while my babies sleep and i cant help contemplating how easy it is to get stuck in a rut and bogged down in the negative.
So, I've decided to post a list of all the things that i love right now........

  1. My vege garden! It has grown a huge amount since this picture was taken.
  2. The warm nights, sleeping with windows open.
  3. Lazy summer Saturdays spent barbecuing and sharing drinks with friends.
  4. Picnics at the lake.
  5. Ice cream cones.
  6. The fact that Mr Mum is home a lot more at the moment.
  7. DS8mths newshound movement, not crawling yet but he can get almost anywhere.
  8. Seeing my washing hanging in the sunshine.
  9. The fact that i am almost done with my entry level training.
  10. Having my baby medication free.
  11. Our beautiful new tv.
  12. Going grocery shopping and coming in under budget.
  13. Pamolive pear body wash.
  14. Hugs and kisses with all 3 of my men.
  15. Laying on the floor playing toys and colouring in with the kids.
  16. Pretty dresses.
  17. Nintendo wii
  18. Zumba.
  19. The word mumma
  20. Tucking my sweet young men up for the night and realizing i miss them.

Boys and their bits!!

What a way to open a blog! I have decided i need a place to write about all the things that go on in everyday life and get the things in my head onto "paper" so i dont turn into a mental case! It also makes for a great way to look back over the things i write and find fond (and not so fond) memories for the family!
Let me introduce myself!
I am a 25 year old female with two beautiful boys DS6 and DS8months (DS = Darling Son). I have a wonderful partner, we will call him Mr Mum!! We live on a small dairy farm, which Mr Mum runs and i am lucky enough to stay home with the kiddies! We have a dog called sophie, a cat and 6 fish!

What a day i am having!! We have just returned from a beautiful weekend away to the beach, staying with Mr Mums parents. What fun we had splashing in the ocean and having hot chips in the sand!! Mr Mum even got to go diving!!

Today began like any other monday, Crazy morning followed by dropping DS6 off to school!
About lunchtime, whilst in the middle of grocery shopping, Mr Mum and I recieve a phone call from the school...... DS6 and some friends had taken themselves to the back field to show off their "bits"!! How embarresing!!! As is to be expected Mr Mum and i are disgusted, disappointed and super embarresed!!
DS6 arrived home to the silent treatment and found himelf stuck in his empty bedroom for 90 minutes to think about his actions and is going to be missing out on his end of year school beach trip.
BOYS BOYS BOYS BOYS BOYS!!! What is the facination with their bits and peices!!!!??? DS8months has already started being facinated and Mr Mum is still!! Does it never end!!??