Sunday, May 22, 2011

Just a little grump!

Today was an absolutely beautiful day with glorious warm sunshine! Noah had a HUGE morning nap and then after some baking time, we headed of to find a new park to play in! We found one and it was AMAZING!! Both boys loved it, and there was lots of fun had by all!

Noah, the rough tough little mite, had a little too much fun and ended up biting though his bottom lip! It bled EVERYWHERE!! However, It stopped quickly and he recovered fast! Within 5 minutes he was up and running for the playground again!

Before heading home we decided to go on a wee adventure! So we blindly followed a boardwalk that took us off into the bush! What a beautiful wee walk we had! Noah and Josiah LOVED all the birds and tall trees and ed and i enjoyed that gorgeous smell that you can find nowhere other than the NZ bush!

While we were at the park having "just one more play mummy" i was very VERY saddened to see two mummies sitting of the park bench in the middle of the playground with their children clinging to their legs, an alcoholic drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other!!! The poor kiddies were getting smoke blown into their faces and then when mummy had enough they were told to "go and play you little faggots". Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad. I know it i harsh, but some people just do NOT deserve to be mummies!!!!