Sunday, July 24, 2011

Enjoying the small things

There is a blog i have been reading that is slowly but surely touching and changing my heart. I have been moved through her writing and have made some huge realizations about my priorities. This wonderful woman has dealt with all life had thrown her and come out the other side with a brand new passion for life and an apreciation of how special it is when you hae babies.


Anyways, from this reading has come a re-knewed passion for taking photos of my kids and spending a few momments of each day to just hold them, love them, and remember them at the beautiful ages and stages that theyre at.

I am off shopping tomorrow for canvas and paint, i have a new project, my new favoite saying " Please excuse our mess, we are busy making memories"

On that note i will say goodnight, i have a warm bed waiting for me.


  1. Oh I love that saying :) it is one of my favs as well. make sure you add a photo of your canvas when you are done. I can't believe how big your little man is looking.

  2. Your babies are just beautiful! I LOVE that you are going to do a canvas project. How fantastic is that? Treasuring our babies is the most fantastic thing any mom can do, isn't it?