Tuesday, July 19, 2011

0 bellow bike riding!!

Here in sleepy New Zealand, its not only the middle of winter, its the school holidays!! In our home this mean lots and lots of fights, arguments, noise, mess and a LOT of fun!!!

The past few mornings we have woken to brilliant sunshine and FREEZING cold temperatures, perfect for bike riding it would seem! At 7:30am, when the temp is in the minuses, my kids are begging to go outside!! So armed with slippers and dressing gowns, off they go!! They will spend a good hour out there having a blast! It warms my heart seeing them play together so happily!! (well, that and my hot cup of tea by the fire!!)

The calving season has begun very slowly with just 2 claves being born!! The 1st was a teeny premature little girl, who the kids and i have taken under our wings! She is being bottle fed, cuddled, kissed and very much loved! Its such an amazing thing to see you kiddies enjoying new life and stomping round in sawdust and mud, It is just such a blessing to have a farm to raise boys on!

On the topic of boys, there will be another one joining our wee family in december!! We are all unbelievebly thrilled to be able to have another life to welcome to our crazy world!!

Well, the sun is shining and the kids are off dancing to LOUD music, so i better go and supervise!! I hope you all have a chance to get out and enjoy some fresh air today, be it brilliant sunshine or pouring rain!

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  1. Wow motivated! At 7.30am I'm begging the kids to stay in bed just a wee bit longer... I think in summer I'll be all for getting outside bright and early, but until then I'm much like a hibernating bear!
    You make it sound inspiring though - perhaps on the next sunny winter morning (which we seem to have a fair amount of lately!) I should urge the kids to get outside and... Stomp about in the muddy swamp that has become our lawn. They'll love it I'm sure!